Vice President and Treasurer


B.B.A. in Accounting (Cum Laude), Georgia State University; M.B.A. in Finance, Georgia State University


Ursula Godoy-Arbelaez was appointed Vice President and Treasurer in 2018. In that capacity, she oversees financial operations and directs financial planning, forecasting and budget management for the company. Ms. Godoy-Arbelaez focuses on strategic planning, establishing and implementing company goals and objectives, and monitoring and improving business performance. Ms. Godoy-Arbelaez also serves as Secretary and Treasurer for Texmark Timber Treasury (Triple T Timberlands), a CatchMark affiliate.

Ms. Godoy-Arbelaez has over 15 years of experience in Treasury, Finance, Risk Management and Accounting with a focus on the timber and real estate industry. Prior to her current assignment, Ms. Godoy-Arbelaez served as Director of Finance since 2011, and also served as Finance Consultant and Senior Financial Analyst for the company’s predecessor, Wells Timberland Management Organization (Wells TIMO) since 2008.

Following a position with Deloitte & Touche, LLP, where she was a Report Department Coordinator, Ms. Godoy-Arbelaez joined Wells Real Estate Funds, Inc. in 2002, initially serving in several accounting positions. She was named Wells’ Treasury Officer in 2005, and later appointed Senior Analyst for the company before joining the Wells TIMO.